Quality mattresses:

We rarely think of mattresses as luxury items. We always catalog them as essential items.

It is true that in most of the world and except for very specific exceptions, mattresses are not missing in any home or place where you will spend the night because we do not conceive the idea of rest on another surface.

But it is also true that we dedicate very little time to choose the one that is going to be our mattress, a mattress that will accompany us for at least 10 years, all your nights, with your hours of rest.

Why then do not we give mattresses the importance they have? Why cannot it be a luxury item, if really the repercussions on our health are highlighted?

That we consider it an element of luxury does not have to suppose that the price is so exorbitant that only a privileged few have access to it. With the viscoelastic mattresses that we present on our website, we will check that with a totally affordable price, we can have an exceptional item, both for the materials it contains and for the benefits it offers.

To begin with, they are mattresses made with strict controls, so they have high durability and intensive use. Thanks to its viscoelastic material of high density and quality, it allows an excellent rest with the correct posture so that the benefits of this are the maximum possible.

It incorporates stretch fabric and high natural fiber content. It is a closed padded cover with outer piping. It combines a very effective technique of humidity control with an antibacterial finish. It guarantees that the mattress stays cool and dry during the hours of rest, besides having very soft and pleasant touch, guaranteeing during the life of the mattress the characteristics of the fabric.

Viscoelastic mattresses with good firmness and independence of beds manufactured to have a good distribution of weight and eliminate muscle and nerve tension without pressure points, favoring a good blood circulation and with it, daily rest.

The winter face is made with stretch ThermoCool fabric, the tissue that breathes and regulates the temperature. Thermo evaporative cooling with cold technology knows when to keep the fabric cool and comfortable. Its characteristic Thermo Buffering retains heat through insulating hollow core fibers.

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