Is the Memory Mattress Hot?

Despite the widespread opinion, memory foam seems to be a material that heats up, in reality, it is our body that emits heat.

It is more appropriate to explain the concept in these terms: memory can make one perceive a greater “sensation of warmth”. Indeed, increasing the contact surface with the body necessarily increases the envelopment, which implies less dispersion of body heat.

This dispersion, however, is partly guaranteed by the internal structure of this foam, because it is composed of a set of open microcells.

It is also evident that other materials such as pocket springs, which are hollow inside and which adhere less to the surface of the body, are able to transmit greater breathability, but this is compared to less precise comfort.

Memory foam is a foamy material composed predominantly of polyurethane foam. The chemical and non-natural origin of this type of mattress makes it particularly suitable for those who have to fight with annoying allergic reactions or want to prevent them. Dust mites, in fact, struggle to survive in this type of material.

Which mattress to choose?

As mentioned there are many types of memory foam. There are rigid, soft, very anatomical, with more dense support, more enveloping or more breathable. Are you a very warm person? Then a denser and less enveloping memory will be preferable. Or does your back have a lot of muscle soreness and do you have a lot of tension in the support points? Then a more anatomical memory could be more suitable.

It must be said that the mattress is a product that is purchased infrequently over a lifetime, and every time it is good to find all the information necessary for an informed and lasting purchase over time. Be advised by our rest experts, they will be able to tell you which one may be the right one for your needs.

An important suggestion: it is always preferable to compare various brands to relate the different types of comfort they offer. At Sleep Junkie, you can find the memory of every category, from the simplest ones and with reasonable prices.

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